Crop Protection

We are the leading global producer and exporter of crop protection and post-harvest agriculture chemicals. We have a sensitive role to play in the agricultural sector by providing complete solution to the farmers, from sowing to harvesting. We have deployed our resources in developing effective crop protection solutions through pre and post harvest product segments.


In the agrochemical industry, we offer a wide range of crop protection products, such as Fungicides, Insecticides, Aquatic Algaecides and Fumigants. These products are developed to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers in the areas of quality and performance.

We offer a wide range of post-patent products: - Herbicides
- Insecticides
- Fungicides
- Miticides
- Soil and Plant Health Products
- Rodenticides


Grain fumigants, fruit coatings, cleaners and sanitizers, and DECCO brand storage treatments make up the post harvest product line.