Grain Fumigants

The farmers invest a huge amount of money in the production of grains. It is very important that they get a proper price for their produce to improve the farm economy. We always talk about the pre-harvest concept about increasing grain yield. The data available with us show that almost 15% to 20% of the grain produced in our country is lost during storage due to the attack of store-grain pests. Therefore, it is very important to save the grains during storage from the attack of pests. We offer solution through QUICKPHOS.


- It protects the grains from the attack of insects and pests during storage
- It contains 15% aluminum phosphide
- It contains swallow guard bitrin which provides added safety
- It comes in an attractive tube packaging. One tube contains 4 tablets of 12gm each.
- It is effective for protection of grains stored in bins as well as gunny bags.