HSE - Health, Safety & Environment

Today's edge cutting competitive world, the success of the business depends upon productivity.UPL management believe that learning is an endless process & necessary for continual improvement in productivity where Cost, Quality, Safety & Environment are four major components.

The sustainable development of UPL is mainly because management gives paramount focus for Health, Safety, & Environmental (HSE) issues and always considers these issues at the time of selection of technology, design, erection and operation.We always believe in providing Safe and Environment friendly atmosphere to our employees and communities.

The commitment of the management towards HSE is reflected in HSE policy also. While each UPL site and location is responsible for their own efforts on HSE, they are all joined in executing those programs and systems on a common HSE philosophy.These principles have given direction to countless HSE activities and initiatives at different locations.We want to share some of the major activities with you with an objective that it will help share & shape your HSE initiatives also.

Intelligent, Trained and Motivated employees are any company's greatest resource.Our success in HSE depends upon the employees of our company. We believe in the principle of "Others Keeper".Accordingly all contribute to the overall success of UPL by following procedures, participating activity in tranings, identifying and alerting each other and management to potential hazards. By demonstrating a real concern for each employee, leadership helps to establish a mutual respect, and the foundation is laid for a solid safety effort.

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