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About UPL
United Phosphorus Limited (UPL) incorporated in1969 is a leading global producer of crop protection products, intermediates, specialty chemicals and other industrial chemicals. UPL has its presence across value added Agri inputs ranging from seeds to crop protection and post harvest activity. Being the largest manufacturer of agrochemicals in India, we offer a wide range of products that includes insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Fumigants,PGR and Rodenticides.We operate in every continent and have customer base in 86 countries, making us global player of crop protection products in the world.. The company ranks amongst the top 5 post- patent agrochemical manufacturers in the world.

United Phosphorus Limited has its own subsidiary offices in Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Canada, Denmark, Indonesia, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mauritius, Mexico, New Zealand , Russia, Spain, Taiwan, South Africa, USA, UK, Vietnam & Zambia.

UPL has 21 manufacturing sites (9 in India ,4 in France, 2 in Spain, 1 each in UK, Vietnam, Argentina ,Netherlands, Italy, China) having close support from on-site technical services and quality control. Each one operates to the strictest international quality standards.

Our formulation plant are capable of producing a wide range of sophisticated formulations both for our own needs and as a toll formulator for many multi-national companies.
We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and services. The efficient synthesis of active ingredients is the core of our success and we are pioneers of' backward integration' in agrochemicals and this approach secures reliable raw materials for multi-site manufacturing through an extensive downstream range of products and services.
UPL is one of the world's few companies to manufacture complex organo-phosphorus compounds starting from the basic raw material, rock phosphate ore .This strategy has now been extended to other products, the most recent being an integrated caustic chlorine plant using the latest membrane technology, creating basic building blocks for agrochemicals and specialty chemicals.

Research and Development and Registration
Working closely with customers in the marketplace, UPL recognizes the requirement for the highest level of support in product research, development and registration. Capability in applied R&D is one of UPL's major corporate strengths. R&D strategy is to continue to invest in innovative formulations that are environment and user friendly, which are essential to the growth of agro chemical companies. Most importantly, UPL is wholly committed to maintaining and expanding its portfolio of registrations globally. Considerable investment has been focused on the regulatory requirements for registration support.

UPL has a dedicated registrations team, which works closely with customers and registration authorities. Registrations activity is greatly assisted by UPL's access to the internationally recognized Jai Research Foundation an independent centre of excellence for research and toxicology with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) status.

UPL has the commitment and capability to offer total support from start to finish in the agricultural sector.

Customer Support
Our aim is to build successful long-term relationship with customers, to understand their needs and deliver real performance in use benefits. As a reliable and dynamic partner our areas of expertise cover registration, manufacture & formulation, technical support and marketing. We are large enough to offer comprehensive support and yet small enough to be attentive to our customers needs

We aim to accurately meet the needs of our markets across the world through the development and introduction of existing and new products, both branded and generic. These products are developed to meet, and exceed our customers' expectations in the areas of quality and performance.
We are constantly striving to acquire new products that will benefit our customers whilst at the same time seeking to develop and improve our existing product portfolio.


Quality & Environmental Care
UPL's quality control (QC) approach is based on the clear target of "Zero Defect". Each stage of production from raw material sourcing, through manufacturing to post-production are closely monitored. UPL has also committed substantial investment to maintain and improve high standards of environmental care. This concern is designed into UPL's processes and manufacturing plants at the outset to minimize effluents and energy use. Effluent is treated on site wherever possible to ensure high standards set are not compromised by operators outside UPL's control.

As a company we place great emphasis on contributing to a sustainable society. Care is taken to ensure that raw materials and energy are used efficiently across the production process. We recognize that our processes may have an impact on the environment and as a result we are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance to minimize this.

All our units are certified under the ISO 9001 for quality assurance, 14001 for Environment Pollution Control norms and OHSAS 18001 for healthy and safety.


Whereas due care and caution is taken in furnishing the information and/or data disseminated herein, the company disclaims all responsibility and/or liability directly or indirectly on any cause of action arising out of such information and/or data. Appropriate viewer/user discretion is advised.

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