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UPL is the largest producer in India of crop protection products with a wide range of products that include fumigants, fungicides, insecticides, rodenticides and herbicides and has established a broad product line that caters to the crop protection needs of a plant during all stages of growth. This broad product range has given our company a competitive edge in terms of market penetration.

UPL's quality control (QC) approach is based on the clear target of "Zero Defect". Each stage of production from raw material sourcing through manufacturing to post-production are closely monitored. UPL has also committed substantial investment to maintain and improve high standard of environmental care.

New products have been introduced virtually in every year of the company's history in response to the specific needs of a changing market.

UPL offers 'total crop protection' with a comprehensive product range and a sales support operation in every continent.

UPL has developed more than 100 insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, fumigants and rodenticides for every stage of the growing cycle:


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