Enviro Technology Ltd

Operates a unique Common Effluent Treatment Plant with primary,secondary and tertiary treatment,at Ankleshwar industrial estate,Gujarat.

Tatva Global Environment Ltd : Enviro Technology Ltd

    Highlights of ETL:

- Unique CETP.
- Capacity 1000 M3/day.
- Treats Raw Effluent from 225 member industries.
- Transportation of effluent through rubber-lined tankers.
- Primary,Secondary and Tertiary Treatment Schemes.
- Lime Handling Facility.
- Dewatering of sludge with RVDFs.
- Sludge containing Calcium Sulphate being sent to Cement Industries.
- Extensive laboratory facility.
- Ministry of Environment and Forests,New Delhi,entrusted ETL to conduct series at Pallavaram Tanners Industrial Effluent Treatment    Co Ltd.,Chennai.
- First CETP in India,getting ISO-14000 certification.
- Project cost- Rs 680.00 lacs
- Loan has been re-paid.
- Charging System based on effluent quality and quantity.
- Commissioned in December 1996.

  Conclusions of ETL:

  The Result indicated that

* Application of any amendment including ETL sludge tended to increase the yield of both Wheat as well as green gram.

* Though the ammendments including ETL sludge increased contents of Fe and Mn in Wheat grain,ETL sludge did not show such type    of increase in the micro-nutrient content in green gram.

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